Thermal water

Sanadome is a recognized Spa, characterized by the presence of thermal water which has a high iron and iodine content.

For thermal water the condition applies that the natural temperature of the water when leaving the source must be higher than 20°C. The addition of the word ‘sole’ indicates that the water is very salty. The thermal water contains salts, minerals and metal ions which means that the source water has a therapeutic effect.

About our water

All the baths at Sanadome are supplied with mineral-rich thermal water from own sources: a freshwater source and a thermal saltwater source. The first source supplies pure thermal saltwater at 23°C which is located at a depth of 700 metres, and is heated by us to 34°C. The second source, at a depth of about 70 metres, supplies tingling refreshing source water at 12°C which also flows from our taps as drinking water. The thermal saltwater source has been certified by the ‘Deutscher Bäderverband’ as an iodide thermal sole (salty). According to German standards, we are a recognized Spa with mineral-rich water that has therapeutic properties.  In addition to its relaxing and purifying effects, thermal water has a particularly soothing effect and a positive effect on muscles and joints.

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