Sanadome Spa, Nijmegen

Come and enjoy the natural springs in Nijmegen and relax in Sanadome Spa. Pamper yourself from head to toe, and get into that perfect state of total relaxation. A day out in Sanadome quickly feels like a mini holiday! Enjoy a fun relaxing day with family or friends in pleasantly-warm 33 °C thermal water.

Sanadome is open 365 days a year.

All the pools and baths at Sanadome use mineral-rich thermal water from the Spa’s private springs; one freshwater spring and one thermal saltwater spring. In addition to being relaxing and purifying, the thermal spring water is very soothing and has a positive effect on muscles and joints.

Swimwear is required in the Spa at Sanadome, and this also applies to the steam room and mint room!