The Health Spa

Our sources actually originate from Roman times; 2000 years ago, the benefits of thermal baths were already known. What was then an unprecedented luxury – being good to yourself – has now become a culture of all times, caring for your body and spirit. You too can relax in the ‘Empire of Nijmegen’ and by doing so, follow in the footsteps of the Romans. In our modern 21st century, you can relax totally in the Spa world of Sanadome, with top to toe attention to relaxation in combination with the therapeutic working of thermal sources. Let yourself be inspired by Beauty & Wellness treatments and enjoy, all year round, the wonderful relaxation of the warm thermal sources with a temperature of 33°C.


In our Health Spa area, as well as in the mint room and the steam room, swimwear must be worn!

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Myrthe Zwaans - ass. Reservations manager