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Get inspired by Sanadome’s atmospheric interior, and take the spa experience home with you. Personalise your home with the best home accessories, all reflecting the very latest trends. Our candle lamps, vases, candle holders, candles and home fragrances are not only a welcome addition to your home, they are also suited to every pocket. Also make a great gift for yourself.


  1. Riverdale

    Riverdale, fashionable living, is one of the best-known home accessory brands. Just as with fashion, the collection changes three times a year. Designers are inspired by the latest trends to create the new season’s designs. You can always find an attractive selection from each season’s collection in our shop.

    Riverdale woonaccessoires | woondecoratie | home decoration verkrijgbaar in Sanadome

  2. Mansion Atmosphere

    Twice a year, Mansion Atmoshere’s designers take great care to compile a new collection of products specially designed for the season. Sanadome therefore has extensive and varied spring and autumn collections on display to suit every season, throughout the year.

    Mansion Atmosphere | woonaccessoires | home decoration in Sanadome

  3. Easy candle | LED tealights

    Easy candles are the only truly attractive alternative to the inconvenience of burning candles: no dripping candle wax, no fire hazard, no soot, just simple long-lasting LED candles which save time and money! These rechargeable tealights have a special coloured coating, and create beautiful and natural light with a realistic flicker, just like real candles. The lights can be recharged by induction, so there are no vulnerable contacts. Includes a handy remote control to turn the tealights on and off.

    Easy candle | LED theelichtjes met afstandsbediening

    + Easy Candle website

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